Everyday Object Reimagined

Too often we ignore the intricate details in everyday design and took them for granted. Here we’ve selected two awesome products on twowgo that reimagine what are supposedly “ordinary” items, to serve as a reminder that great design does not have to revolutionize everything from the ground up. If it makes your life easier, it’s a good one.

When it comes to unboxing, scissors are often the first thing that most people would reach to instead of an actual box cutter. The thing is, scissors are designed for cutting, not slicing. Over time, the tape residue would slowly build up on the thick blade, making the scissor sticky and hard to cut.

HMM Design figures, why not just add a sharp wedge to the side of the finger hole to substitute the box opening action, and leave the cutting task to the actual blade. So that’s what they did, and an additional magnetic base stand is included to allow the square tip scissor to stand vertically on the table, making it easy to reach whenever you needed it.

When a simple scissor is made this sleek, it’s hard to ignore its existence. Made out of Japanese 420 stainless steel, the blade will offer you crisp and accurate slice for a very long time.

Mordeco believes that art piece should live within us, not away from us. By integrating a practical stationery item with a piece of art sculpture, Mordeco makes it a natural thing to interact with the item on a regular basis. There’s nothing better than having a functional art piece.

Hand carved from a solid block of wood with no seam, no adhesive or any nails. The Mordeco Rhino Tape Dispenser intends to be more than a tape dispenser. Resembles the shape of a rhino, the tape dispenser uses a magnetic core to allow the rotation of the tape to be as smooth as possible. It is the real embodiment that a simple design can make a huge difference.



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