Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Find the Best Gift Based on Your Budget

It’s that time of the year again when you express your appreciation to your significant other by spending some quality time with them, having fancy dinners together or giving gifts. The last part is usually the trickiest, because when done right, it can elevate the vibe to a whole new level, but make one little mistake and things could go south in the blink of an eye. 

So here we’ve listed out some of our best gift ideas that would guarantee to spice up your Valentine’s day. We’ve sorted them out based on their price point so you don’t have to break the bank. After all, it’s the mentality, the gratification that truly matters on this lovely pleasant day. 

“Expensive Gifts Are Overrated"
(under $50)

Lock picking is no longer a mystery skill in the movies. Pick up the skill now with Mr. Sci Transparent Locksmith Training Kit and impress your friends at the party. We’re sure you’ll do good with your new found talent.

Made out of vegetable-tanned leather scrap and wood of your choice (walnut, teak, camphor burl or black ebony), Treether combines the best of both worlds: the toughness of leather and the distinct pattern of wood grain. 

Qubii is a cube size auto backup solution. Takes microSD cards with storage up to 512GB, Qubii will back up your device every time you start charging, so no more fiddling with computers or cloud storage trivia.

“Nothing Too Fancy"

Mininch Tool Pen features a hexagonal cylinder containing 6 drive bits of various sizes, rounded edges on every corner to give it a smooth profile, cutout windows for identifying the drive bits, and a magnet secured cap. It’s the only tool you’ll ever need in your tool drawer.

The earthy and rustic appearance of the Japanese ceramic resembles the look and feel of cast iron. The walnut wood handle then adds a hue of warmth to balance out the cold and calm vibe giving off by the ceramic. The HMM Mugr demonstrates fine craftsmanship through the hands of Taiwanese artisan with decades of experience.

The bitplay snap case offers superior protection with its dual-layer design. Coupled with the extensive collection of bitplay’s esteemed lens and filters, you’re instantly making yourself a pro mobile photographer. Comes with an ergonomic grip that houses a universal tripod mount thread and a bluetooth enabled shutter button that serves as a remote controller.

As minimalist as it gets, the Zenlet AL features an intuitive swipe-to-open design that accommodates up to 6 cards. Made of CNC machined aluminum alloy, the Zenlet AL offers superior strength compared to your regular aluminum material. This RFID secured wallet is the sleek and efficient pocket companion you’ve all been waiting for.

Babe, I’ll Give You The Whole World"
(Above $100)

It’s a sling bag / messenger bag designed for everyday carry as well as photography enthusiasts who are constantly on the go. Ideal for compact drones and mirrorless cameras, the Cross Sling features multiple compartments and adjustable paracord to accommodate the different accessories of your photography equipment.

Subtle but impossible to ignore, the 22 Design Contour Fountain Pen stands out from the crowd with its layered concrete structure, providing a sophisticated look and better grip. Comes equipped with fine nib from Schmidt, Germany to give you that smooth, butter-like writing experience.

Folks at Minfort combines wood crafting skills with top quality audio engineering, creating a speaker that not only sounds good but looks good too. With up to 6 hours of audio playback and an impressive 20W output, you can easily impress your friends at the party.


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